Monthly Archivedécembre 2019

KUNBE « Were were » live session

Hearing the World proudly present  » KUNBE  » A Franco-Malian adventure !
Without any breaks or slowing pace, KUNBE’s gigs are powerful and wonderfully colourful, you can find in them the African vibe in its most dancing and bouncing side, with the power of a french rock trio who knew how to adapt themselves by bringing to it more energy with a well-western colour, warm and transcendent gimmicks of guitars and keyboards. The whole of it is served with the joy of a music everybody can have access to, shared and balanced between the musicians, where each of them finds his place and his freedom of playing.
Directed by Loic Gayot
Produced by Hearing the World & Adjololo System

Réalisé par Loic Gayot pour Filmakers au studio Adjololo